Fat cavitation is recognized as one of the leading non-invasive, localized fat reduction treatments today; designed to reduce localized fat by applying safe levels of ultrasound energy via a hand-held probe to a targeted area of subcutaneous fat. With Ultrasonic Cavitation treatment, tiny micro-bubbles are created in the fat cells, causing them to rupture and release their contents which are subsequently disposed of through the lymphatic system and liver, leaving the healthy, contracted cells intact.


Low Level light therapy is the introduction of cold red laser light to the body. When used in non-invasive body contouring, it reduces fat and cellulite as well as improves overall tone to the body. The mitochondria within the fat cell are stimulated which creates pores in the fat cells and causes them to open and collapse, releasing content to be disposed of through lymphatic system and liver. In addition to fat reduction, low level light therapy increases cellular metabolism resulting in longer-term fat loss, collagen production, cellulite reduction, and a smoother, more toned appearance.



Radiofrequency is a form of non-ionizing, low level electromagnetic radiation. Non-ionizing electromagnetic waves are considered safe as we encounter them in our daily lives (e.g, radio, TV, and WiFi). When used for skin tightening, RF signals cells in the deeper skin layers to produce new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid resulting in increased skin elasticity, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening and firming, and improved skin texture.


Wood therapy is a natural and holistic form of contouring the body using wooden instruments that come in different shapes and sizes each with a specific use and purpose. When used for fat reduction, this treatment aims to drain localized fat to shape the body. One of the main objectives of wood therapy is to reduce the presence of cellulite by improving blood flow and fluid circulation so that nodules do not form in the treated areas.


Vacuum therapy stimulates muscles and breaks down cellulite and fatty deposits, which eliminates toxins, therefore improving lymphatic drainage.


Fat Reduction & Cellulite Treatments

When used in a fat reduction or cellulite treatment, vacuum therapy is akin to cupping and promotes blood flow in treated area. Vacuum therapy is also used to stimulate the lymphatic system to process contents excreted from treated fat cells.


Non-invasive Booty Shaping

Vacuum therapy brings blood flow to the glutes which transports collagen and nutrients needed for muscle growth while also causing the muscle tissue to expand and contract resulting in increased muscle tone. Specialized suction cups are placed specifically to bring volume and lift or correct hip dips.



Liquid Lipo Ltd was founded in the United Kingdom and are now a global company. Their flagship product, Liquid Lipo Fat Dissolve, was released after 3 years of clinical trials where 95% of participants lost fat. Fat Dissolve is used in every Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening treatment and available to purchase for at-home use. Ask us about other incredible Liquid Lipo products.


Not everyone is a good candidate for these services; some contraindications include:

pregnant or breastfeeding; more than 30 lbs overweight; heart issues; cancer; kidney damage or disease; liver damage or disease; any health problems that impact your lymphatic system; any metal implants in or near treatment area; thyroid disease; problems with blood flow; epilepsy; current or recent steroid or antibiotic use.


If you have any questions or concerns about potential contraindications, please reach out.